Familiar with the blackboard,white chalk,chalk on the blackboard when writing friction out of the”squeak squeak”sound,is a good memory of many students.However,with the advent of electronic blackboards,PowerPoint and other new tools,that memory may change.

In 2018,on the panel of the two sessions,the issue of”PPT”teaching caused a huge debate.Qin Hongling,a deputy to the National People’s Congress and a professor at Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture,pointed out that some primary and secondary school teachers not only use PPT to teach,but even give students PPT homework.”Modern teaching methods should not replace the traditional teaching model,”he said.Across the country,how many slides have replaced the blackboard?How should we choose between traditional education and modern technology?

The blackboard changes,the debate is everywhere

“In general,schools use PPT software in 60 to 70 percent of their classes,and it is common to use it to directly replace traditional teaching methods such as blackboard,chalk and wall charts.”This new technology has the characteristics of picture,text and sound,and dynamic and static combination,which is not only conducive to students’understanding and memory,but also convenient for removing the influence of traditional blackboard dust on students and teachers.

“There are many benefits and many problems.Do you read with an iPad as well as a book?Definitely different.Because the book is a weight,”engraved”on the book text is temperature,and electronic products can not do these”this way is easy to let the teacher in the lesson preparation process,ignore the”root”,that is,the control of teaching objectives,students’inner feelings,etc.Part of the teachers therefore read less textbooks,curriculum standards research less,brought doctrine heavy,become”go courseware”.

Strong transformation,who is pushing

Despite the protracted debate,there is no denying the fact that”Blackboard”is still moving forward on the road of”change”.What is the source of this powerful impetus?

“The introduction of high-end technology into classroom teaching is an inevitable choice for the development of The Times and an important symbol of educational progress.The replacement of teaching materials and the change of teaching means,to some extent,reflect the innovation or even revolution of teaching and education.”

The blackboard has changed,not because of any one person or any group,but because of the inevitable trend of development.Times provides technology,schools introduce classrooms,parents are willing to accept it and students are willing to use it.All parties are the driving forces of change.There are not only the stimulation of technological change,but also the call of educational demand.

DKE e-paper blackboard writes like a chalkboard

After years of continuous research and development of electronic paper technology,Oriental Kemai has successfully developed a light and strong electronic paper blackboard,which can be written directly with magnetic pen.The e-paper blackboard is suitable for low-cost,lightweight electronic writing boards,as well as to replace traditional classroom blackboards,and the developers hope it will eventually reduce our reliance on traditional paper and chalk dust for teachers and students alike.

During the research,we found that we could control the flow of two-color particles in the magnetic field.Not only does the black side of the particle carry a negative charge,but a number of magnetic nanoparticles are attracted to the magnetic field across the particle’s white display surface.In this way,the particles can be flipped over to reveal the images and lines drawn by the magnetic pen.To clear the screen,just apply a voltage.

Our e-paper blackboards are energy efficient,tough and highly scalable,and color combinations can be changed by replacing different pigment particles to improve aesthetics and readability.

Compared with the LED electronic blackboard on the market,our electronic paper blackboard has great advantages in energy consumption,display contrast and display blue light.

The electronic paper blackboard of DKE can not only be written by hand,but also a matching APP application will be launched in the future.Courseware can be uploaded to the blackboard through the APP,so as to realize the same courseware demonstration function as traditional LCD.


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