On July 16, 2021, the third council of the fifth session of Guangdong E-paper Technology and Application Association was successfully held in Shenzhen Jiuzhou Industrial Park. The meeting was presided over by Wang Hao, the secretary general of the association. 41 council members and representatives of the association attended the meeting.

At the beginning of the meeting, Liang Xiaojun, chairman of Shenzhen Jiuzhou Industrial Park, delivered a speech. He said that it was a great honor for the Council of Guangdong E-paper Technology and Application Association to convene in Jiuzhou Industrial Park. He wished the Council of Guangdong E-paper Association a success and hoped the electronic paper industry to make progress flourishing.

Subsequently, the president of the E-paper Association Zhou Aijun delivered an important speech. In his speech, President Zhou Aijun expounded the development trend and rapid growth prospect of the whole e-paper industry from this year and in the future, pointing out that the development of the e-paper industry is like the rising sun, which has great potential. At the same time, the E-Paper Association will play a role in the future to provide high praise, expectation and support. Mr.Zhou said that the association should make more efforts in building industrial atmosphere, uniting member enterprises, overall planning, coordination and promotion, so as to build a significant industrial family.

Mr.Liu Senhua, the executive president of e-paper association, made a summary of the past work of e-paper association to the council and representatives of e-paper association, and put forward the development ideas and construction suggestions for the future work of e-paper association. At the same time, he proposed four important issues for the council to consider.

During the meeting, Mr.Liu Senhua, the executive president, introduced the background, purpose and significance of the establishment of E-Paper High School Team.Yang Hailin, Financial Service Center of the Association, introduced the work plan, task, and goal of financial service to help the development of e-paper industry. At the same time, Executive Chairman Liu Senhua introduced the purpose and proposal of setting up six special committees (Smart Office, Smart Education, Smart Finance, Smart City, Smart Industry, and New Retail), elaborated the hope to jointly promote industrial clusters and develop members with the Council, and comprehensively open to ordinary members and other matters.

Whereafter, the Council of the E-paper Association considered and adopted the following major issues:

1.Authorize the Secretariat to audit ordinary members;

2.Establish a E-paper team;

3.Establish a financial service center;

4.Set up six special application committees.

Wang Hao, Secretary General of E-Paper Association, on behalf of the Secretariat, introduced to all the council representatives the process, content and current latest results of the strategic cooperation agreement signed by Guangdong E-Paper Association and Shanghai Baoshan Qingchuan E-Paper Promotion Center (E-Paper Alliance) on May 18,2021 in Yangzhou.

Mr.Tang Biao from South China Normal University introduced the project of “National New Display Innovation Center–Reflective Display Innovation Platform” to the participants. The platform is led by Professor Zhou Guofu, and the secretariat is currently located in South China Normal University. Guangdong E-paper Technology and Application Association is one of the co-founders of the platform.

Chen Rengui, senior vice president of BOE Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd., said that the representatives of the e-paper association present here are the pioneers of e-paper. With our joint efforts, the scale of e-paper is expected to reach$60 billion by 2025.

Zeng Long, an industry analyst from CINNO, introduced the tasks and objectives of basic research(modeling and importing data for industrial research)for the construction of the e-paper industry, as well as the work plan for realizing the research results of the e-paper industry and the requirements for the establishment of working groups.

Mr.Shi Bing, deputy general manager of Nagase(China)Co.,Ltd., on behalf of the board of directors, introduced and shared the basic information of Nagase and expressed a warm welcome to all enterprises.

The Board of Governors deliberated and approved the new member units, which are (in no particular order):

1.Tencent Cloud Computing (Beijing)Co.,Ltd., vice president’s unit

2.Council member: Huizhou De’en Electronics Co.,Ltd

3.Xiamen Wellton Technology Co.,Ltd.,a member of the Council

4.Shenzhen Shuangyu Shengtai Technology Co.,Ltd

The Council of this conference issued the letter of appointment for the director of 6 applied professional committees.

At the end of the meeting, they visited the exhibition hall and laboratory of Jiuzhou Industrial Park and communicated with each other.

On July 17th, Guangdong E-paper Technology and Application Association Senior Team Incorporation Contest was successfully held in Shenzhen Guangming Golf Club. The team elected and produced the first team leading group represented by captain Liu Senhua, vice captain Zhou Aijun and Qin Yuxiang, and secretary general Zhang Tianyong. The team leading group was awarded cards and certificates at the ball game activity dinner.


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