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The New”Wisdom”of E-paper Enterprise Office

  The epidemic in 2020 has not only changed the way people live,it has also led to a diversity of work styles,and it has led to thinking and discussion about how to work in a new era.
Rethink the office needs of the new era

  Restricted by traditional office conditions,are you busy with printing,saving and querying a large number of paper materials every day,wasting time and resources for updating and revising information repeatedly,and having a headache due to the failure of information delivery in the use of conference rooms?What kind of office style can adapt to the needs of the new era?What are the transforming elements of”efficient labor”that enterprises have been pursuing?
E-paper empowers businesses to operate efficiently

  With the combination of the Internet,the Internet of things,digital technology,the application of the electronic paper technology and the advantages of advanced in office area,while reduce the paper consumption to save energy,also save a lot of resources for the enterprise cost,time cost and operation cost,achieve new era”efficiency”labor required elements are met.
E-paper notebook

  Handwriting function of electronic paper notebook can note down information at any time,assist with intelligent document management function,file is not lost,easy to find,support remote transmission of shared file materials,improve work efficiency.The electronic paper screen has the same reading effect as paper,does not have blue light damage to the eyes,has a long battery life and can last up to three weeks on a single charge.
E-paper smart badge

  E-paper smart badge applies the characteristics of e-paper,which is energy-saving,light and thin,and can continue to display clearly without power supply.With wireless transmission technology,the handheld terminal APP can update the identity information and changes of enterprise personnel in real time with one button,thus reducing the waste of time and cost of repeated production and modification.
E-paper smart table board

  The e-paper intelligent table board replaces the traditional paper conference table board,supports remote management,can be recycled,batch import,quickly modify the information,reduce the manual error rate.The intelligent table card with the application of e-paper has ultra-low power consumption,and the endless screen picture does not disappear and is not easy to be broken.It can be clearly visible under strong light and backlight.
E-paper interactive whiteboard

  E-paper is applied to the interactive whiteboard,which has the same visual effect as printing.It supports remote wireless connection,real-time sharing and updating of information,and improves the communication efficiency of enterprises.The bistable nature of e-paper allows e-ink images to be displayed on the display screen forever,which is power-saving and intuitive.
E-paper plate for meeting room

  The electronic ink conference room door plate will consume power only when the page is updated.It can check the use status of the meeting room,meeting duration,meeting theme and other information in real time.It can reserve the meeting room,invite participants and reply the message with one key on the background of the terminal,so as to avoid the conflict of meeting arrangement,save time and improve work efficiency.
  The trajectory of traditional office will eventually fade away under the demand of the new era.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE will continue to make efforts on the level of e-paper products and technologies to help enterprises save resources,cost,efficient office and intelligent office!

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