Pervasive Displays Launch New DIY Kit w\ E-paper Screens

If you’ve been wanting to build your own wearable with an E-paper screen then I have some good news for you. A company in the United States and Pervasive Displays have just released a new development kit which combines 3 small E-ink screens with a controller board,
What with the decline of the ebook reader market over the past couple years, E-ink has been putting more and more effort into developing new markets for their screen tech. There are now at least a half-dozen   different kits for the DIY market which include an E-ink screen, and E-ink has also released encouraged new products in a wide variety of markets including shelf labels, smartphone cases, luggage tags, smart watches, and more.
         And now there’s a new one.
        The EPD Xplained Pro kit includes 1.54″, 2.13″, and 2.9″ E-ink screens from Pervasive Displays along with an extension board which is designed to work with the Atmel Studio IDE. This particular kit can’t do anything on its own, but from what I have read online and in the user manual I can tell that this kit is designed to work with other Atmel Xplained Pro development boards like the SAM4L Xplained Pro and the SAM D20 Xplained Pro.

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