Bic Camera is a super large comprehensive shopping mall in Japan,centered on the stations of major cities in Japan.It has a total of 48 large stores in Japan,featuring a popular duty-free shopping mall.Home appliances,watches,cosmeceuticals,sports products,wine and other dozens of categories can be bought all over Japan in one stop.

As a star store of Bic Camera in Japan,Tokyo Ginza Store adopts electronic price tag equipped with Oriental Kemai electronic paper display screen in the overall store upgrade,which greatly improves the overall image of the store.

Orient Kemai e-paper display screen has the advantages of high contrast,ultra-wide viewing Angle,ultra-low power consumption(the display content can be maintained even if the power is cut off),and high color reversion.It is widely used in electronic tag,smart home and other Internet of things applications by many manufacturers.

The e-paper display supports user’s custom setting to display text,pictures,two-dimensional code and other information.Compared with the traditional LCD electronic price tag which is less than 120°,the visual Angle of electronic paper is more than 170°.Moreover,compared with LCD products,the electronic paper display has a higher screen contrast,which will bring better use experience to customers in practical application.

In addition,due to the characteristics of the screen engineering,the electronic paper price tag only generates power consumption when refreshing the screen content,and daily display does not consume energy.Longer service life to adapt to a variety of long time startup working environment,support 724H365 days of uninterrupted work,even if the power can also display the label content,to meet the use needs of large supermarkets and other places.

In the daily operation of stores,the daily price change of goods can be updated from the background system for unified refresh,or the PDA mobile terminal can be used to conveniently realize the price change.In addition,more Internet of Things,such as intelligent sorting and out-of-stock reminders,should greatly improve the efficiency of stores and save enterprise management costs.

The Bic Camera store manager is very satisfied with the upgrade and hopes to see more applications with the electronic paper displays in the future.


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