On May 18,the 2021 Cross-Strait Smart Things Summit of the Electronic Paper Industry Alliance was held in Yangzhou,Jiangsu province.Nearly 100 enterprises in the electronic paper industry ecological chain gathered here to witness the establishment of the electronic paper industry alliance,which marks the electronic paper industry has entered a new stage of development.

Signing ceremony

Before the start of the summit,Mr.Zhou Aijun,Chairman of Zhejiang Orient Kemai Electronics Co.,Ltd.,Chairman of Guangdong Flat-panel Display Industry Promotion Association and Chairman of E-paper Technology and Application Branch,Mr.Wang Hao,Secretary General of Guangdong Flat Display Industry Promotion Association,Secretary General of Electronic Paper Technology and Application Branch,and Mr.Zuo Qiang,Secretary General of Electronic Paper Industry Alliance signed a memorandum of strategic cooperation on behalf of both sides to promote the construction and development of the electronic paper industry.Both parties jointly advocate and promise that related enterprises and individuals in the electronic paper industry can independently,independently and freely choose to join the above two different industry organizations and enjoy the services and contents of their respective organizations under the principle of equality and voluntenism.

Both parties also sincerely agree to the common goal of”serving the industry,serving the members,and achieving win-win”,to do a good job in the service work of the industry and enterprises,and to realize the benign and effective competition among the industries,organizations and enterprises.At the same time,both sides will further promote the mutual cooperation and mutual support between the two organizations,improve the service quality and projects,and jointly create a good atmosphere for the industry.They are committed to helping and attracting more enterprises to actively participate in the development and co-construction of the e-paper industry,so as to enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the e-paper industry.

At the scene of the summit

Then,2021,the first electronic paper industry alliance wisdom on both sides of the Taiwan league summit,electronic paper filling and application of enterprise and domain experts nearly 200 delegates at the summit to discuss new retail electronic paper in wisdom,wisdom industry,logistics,office,medical wisdom,wisdom wisdom innovative applications in the field of Internet of things such as transportation,Enabling green and low-carbon industries and technological innovation in the digital economy.

To build the future

Through this summit,DKE flat display industry association for the advancement of the east branch vein,guangdong and electronic paper technology and application of the branch of the electronic paper in today’s world the frontier development of science and technology have a more comprehensive understanding,at the same time also believe that with the establishment of electronic paper industry alliance,through unremitting efforts,everyone will be to the health of electronic paper industry have a positive and important influence on the sustainable development,The year 2021 will surely be the first year of leapfrog development of the electronic paper industry!


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