The epidemic merciless people love,love help non-stop.On April 16,DKE distributed anti-epidemic supplies to its employees and community residents in Shanghai.On April 20,Kemai(Shanghai)Technology Co.,Ltd.quickly responded to the call of Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai to raise anti-epidemic materials for Beicai Town,the hardest hit area,and rushed to beicai Town to help them through the most difficult time together.
Since the outbreak of the epidemic in Shanghai,all kinds of supplies are in short supply,especially for some special families,such as the elderly,living alone and other vulnerable groups at the moment when the epidemic situation is very complicated.
DKE east branch vein the donations given the most old people do not use mobile phone group purchase and payment software,lead to the shortage of basic supplies of life,in order to give the old man affected by the epidemic traffic control to the shortage of supplies and care,and we immediately after communication,precise matching,choose to LianXi six village for point-to-point compassion donation.
Lianxi Six Village in Beicai Town is a resettlement community built in the 1990s.There are 1031 households with a permanent population of about 3,000,among which the elderly population is as high as 60%.The aging phenomenon is very serious.In order to ensure that the living materials for the elderly in the community are guaranteed and care for their physical and mental health,DKE Oriental Kemai provided 1,100 living materials for the elderly in Lianxi Sixth Village,Beicai Town,after understanding their health status and living difficulties in detail,to ensure the basic living conditions of the elderly in the community during the epidemic prevention and control period.
On April 20,after a tense and orderly process of checking,picking,loading and distribution,the residential area of Lianxi Liu Village,Beicai Town received anti-epidemic materials from DKE Oriental At 14:30 PM,including vegetables,meat,eggs,milk,rice and oil.After receiving the aid materials,the residents’committee and representatives of Lianxi Six Village expressed their heartfelt thanks for their deep care and concern.
During the campaign,140 living supplies were also sent to the elderly living alone in need of assistance in Pingji’er Village,Minhang District and Longyang Community,Qingpu District of Shanghai,and sent to their homes through community volunteers.The community committee and the elderly who received the material assistance expressed their admiration and gratitude to zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and Oriental Kemai for their joint spirit of fighting the epidemic.
At the critical time when the whole society is fighting against the epidemic,Shanghai Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce and DKE will continue to actively cooperate with the government in epidemic prevention and control work,assume the social responsibility of enterprises,and gather together to defend the”Shanghai”force and make concerted efforts to win the battle against the epidemic.


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