E-paper Display Q&A

Yes,for Customized desgin EPD,we can sign NDA with Customer

Normally,in order to get the best contrast ratio,we suggest you to refresh the EPD at least one time per 6 hours

4-6 weeks for samples and 10-12 weeks for mass production

Yes,Because of the PS film on both sides of EPD,the display is water proof and Anti-UV, but we suggest you to protect the products from the condition of high humidity and UV light for long time to increase the lifetime

Yes, as shown in this video: https://youtu.be/STcmru966V8)

Different products have different resolution. For furthur study, please refer to specific datasheet

EPD production Monthly capacity for size of 2.9(KK)

The min thickness of EPD with FPC base can be 0.42mm

For graphic type,the operating temperature is 0~+50℃ For segment type,the operating temperature is -10C-+60℃

The min thickness of EPD with FPC base can be 0.42mm

The max size of the Customized design E-Paper in segment type is 596×396 in mm

It is about 5 years.

Yes, DKE does provide flexible EPD. Normally, those are FPC based ones

customization is up to 14”x16”, EPD is up to 396x596mm

It is about a million times of refreshing

Quantity below 1K is reconsidered as samples. MOQ is 1K. (Our range is 1K to 10K, 10K to 100K, above 100K.)

For this kind of temperature ranges, we do not recommend E-paper display, as clients use EPD for its low power consumption

It is not like that, E-ink supports a set of film that can work in -25℃ to 10℃ and 0℃ to 50℃

For customized products, we allow one or two small batches to start with. Then, the MOQ will be depended on the customized products

All the costs regarding customization will be mostly depended on clients’ actually requirements,