We attended Embedded World 2019 in Nuremberg,Germany,from February 26 to 28,2019.

Embedded World 2019

Embedded World 2019,the World’s largest Embedded system exhibition,has been held in Nuremberg,Germany,on Wednesday.Embedded World 2019,the World’s largest Embedded system exhibition,has attracted more than 1,000 exhibitors and more than 40 industry experts from around the World to share their insights.With the rapid development of the Internet of Things,the application scope and importance of embedded technology are constantly increasing.

DKE exhibition site

DKE Oriental Kemai debuted Embedded World 2019 with its self-developed electronic paper products.A series of color e-paper products are on display in this exhibition,including 1.49-13.3 inch full-line e-paper products and PRISM color e-paper products.Flexible substrate electronic paper products become a highlight of the exhibition.

DKE eastern branch vein for exhibition customers to better understand the e-paper products,in the exhibition,many innovations in product application shows,from 7.5 inch price spliced into large bus stops,multi-functional electronic paper written version to color conference table tablet stands too office system,etc.,make enough exhibition merchant’s eye at the same time,it left a deep impression.

DKE e-paper has attracted a large number of visitors with its diversified e-paper innovative product applications.Below,Xiaobian will lead you to find the highlights together!

Flexible substrate e-paper products
3.1 Inch badge application
7.5-inch electronic paper Mosaic wall
E-paper writing tablet product application

In the long run,in the face of increasingly fierce industry competition,DKE has always been product as the core,innovation as the driving force,service as the purpose,continue to develop and improve the electronic paper,to meet the needs of customers,at the same time to improve the influence of electronic paper in the display industry.In the future,DKE will continue to be committed to the development and promotion of flexible and color electronic paper,to create cost-effective electronic paper display technology solutions in the Internet of Things(IoT)industry,and to provide more application services for customers in the global electronic paper application market.

In terms of exhibits,the more innovative applications of smart home and architectural decoration have attracted many visitors to stop and consult.

At this exhibition,electronic paper products have gained more and more attention at home and abroad,and new application fields have emerged one after another.It is sure to have huge market potential in the near future.2019 unique innovation,will make 2020 wonderful!

Innovation and Development

To meet the increasing needs of customers,DKE jiashan county,zhejiang province,east branch vein in the Chinese man in jiaxing comprehensive bonded zone area B to build a new intelligent electronic paper manufacturing plant,factory planning to build six automatic production line for electronic paper,at present,the issue has formally put into production,the new capacity of 30 million pieces per year,for global customers to provide more stable and efficient manufacturing services.

Effect of DKE electronic paper products has reached the same industry leading level,large size electronic paper is the main attack direction in the future,we not only have E Ink as a technical support,at the same time also has its own r&d team and international well-known electronic paper accessories suppliers support,believe in everyone’s mutual support,DKE electronic paper will always walk in the front end of the world.


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