Electronica 2018, a biennial electronics fair, was held in Munich, Germany from November 13th to 16th. Electronica Munich, Germany, started in 1964. After more than 50 years development, it has become one of the largest and most influential electronic component fairs in Europe and the world.

With the theme of Connecting Everything, 3,000 companies from 50 countries participated in the exhibition, focusing on the application of electronic components in key areas of the future, including the IOT, smart industry and smart vehicles.

In this exhibition, DKE concentrated on displaying a number of customized and large-size E-paper products and innovative applications. The multi-color e-paper and colorful e-paper had its first appearance in this exhibition, leaving a deep impression on the visitors.

Facing to the increasingly fierce industry competition, DKE has always take production as our core, innovation as the driving force, service as the purpose, continue to develop and improve products to meet the needs of customers, improve the market competitiveness. During the exhibition, our booth has a large number of new electronic paper products for customer to visit.

In terms of exhibits, besides a number of commonly used standard products, we also launched a number of customized dot matrix and segment products, as well as a series of multicolor electronic paper products, showing customers the application of products in smart labels, smart wearers, smart home and architectural decoration, etc., which attracted many visitors to stop and consult.

From the results of this exhibition, electronic paper products have received more and more attention domestic and abroad, new applications emerge in an endless flow, in the near future is bound to have a huge potential market.

In order to meet the growing demand of E-paper, DKE has built a new e-paper production plant in Jiashan, Zhejiang Province. The plant plans to build 6 automatic e-paper production lines. Currently, 3 production lines have been put into operation in the first phase with a daily production capacity of 100K, which provides the most flexible delivery time and the best quality products, the production line not only improve the production capacity but also improve the yield and precision of products. This provides customers with a favorable guarantee.

Effect of DKE electronic paper products has reached the same industry leading level, large size and colorful E-paper is the main orient of the future, we not only have E Ink as a technical support, but also has our own R&D team and international well-known E-paper accessories suppliers support as well, we believe in everyone’s mutual support, DKE E-paper will ahead to the leading role of the world.


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