New retail&new connectivity

In 2020,under the influence of the epidemic and driven by digitization,the new retail ecology begins to be reconstructed,and the new efficiency and new scene retail will accelerate its development.On November 19th,the 22nd China Retail Expo(2020 CHINASHOP)was solemnly opened in Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.Many well-known retail enterprises and service providers gathered together to exchange cutting-edge retail technologies and explore the layout of new retail development.

DKE drives new momentum in retail

Under the background of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control,the consumption structure and channel habits of all people have undergone great changes.Online,digital,channel…As more and more”changes”are transmitted to the market,many retail enterprises that have not yet or are in the process of digital transformation are caught off guard.Digital transformation has become an important matter for the survival of retail enterprises.

As one of the popular exhibitors of this year’s ChinaShop,Hanshuo booth is full of popularity,attracting many customers to stop to visit and negotiate.Avail ourselves of this opportunity,the east branch vein as the ball ahead of the new electronic paper display technology supplier to fly with han:the show,presented at the meeting the two sides cooperate Nebular series and so on many electronic paper display products,logistics,warehousing,on display at the same time also wisdom city,wisdom,health care,electronic paper display solutions in the field of the paperless office,etc.

Gather power to innovate beyond expectations

East branch vein deep insight into retail formats consumption phenomenon,continuously focus on electronic paper products technology research and development,the electronic paper display as the core research and development direction,the surrounding retail stores,warehousing,logistics and other usage scenarios,the ongoing technological innovation,through the intelligent manufacturing,to provide customers with first-class products and services,continue to continuously create value for customers.

In the uncertainty after the epidemic,Orient Kemai has always been a reliable and solid backing for the partner ecosystem.We fully support the business development of our partners from the aspects of product scheme construction,implementation and after-sales service.


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