The issue of eye health has once again attracted public attention after Changzhi, a city in Shanxi province, announced that they will include the results of the naked eye vision test in the senior high school entrance exam in 2022. According to statistics, the proportion of myopia is 45.7% in primary school students, 74.4%in junior middle school students, and 83.3% in senior high school students. Many parents only regard eyes reading time as the key means to protect their children’s vision, which is not a proper method.

According to the China Children’s Development Report(2019)–Children’s Life Outside School, children spend an average of 43.24 minutes per day using electronic devices on school days and 96.27 minutes on weekends. In middle school, the time spending on electronic devices jumps to the second ranking. Electronic devices have become an important tool for learning, further adults are inseparable from the display screen. If you cannot avoid the using electronic products, choose the right screen to protect the health of your eyes.

Why Are Electronic Screens the Cause of Eye Damage?

LCD blue light is considered to be the most crucial influence on hurting our eye health. The mobile phones, tablets, laptops and so many electronic devices we are using in daily life are all with LED backlight, blue light, with large amounts of high energy to penetrate the lens to the retina, leading to retinal pigment epithelial cells die, the light-sensitive cells lack nutrients, thus causing irreversible damage eyesight.

Moreover, children’s visual system is not physically mature, and the lens absorbs less high-energy visible blue light than adults, so blue light causes more harmful to children.

In addition, the brightness and strobe of liquid crystal display will cause different degrees of damage to people’s eye health. If the light source on the screen is too bright, it may cause glare and even temporary visual impairment in severe cases, so the optimal brightness of the display should be similar to the ambient light.

Strobing is also the problem of liquid crystal display, the dynamic image is consisting of a frame by a frame of static image constantly refresh, the screen has been flashing all the time, but the frequency is too high to distinguish by our eyes, frequent flashing will stimulate the retina, cause eye fatigue, and even dizziness.

The eyes protector technology behind the E-paper display

E-paper displays have a different luminous mechanism from liquid crystal displays, which can protect our eye health better. E-paper display is a kind of light reflex display technology, also known as the reflective display, it does not have any back light, environmental light can illuminate the electronic paper display and refract light to our eyes, the display effect is as same as paper. This creates comfortable, downy reading environment for our eyes, eyes burden also can be relieved.

Not only that,the electronic paper display as screen is based on the electrophoresis technology,the display effect,after the picture form stable display,all particles won’t move again,even if the power cuts,images will not disappear,so the electronic paper display screen will not appear flashing to stimulate retinal damage,this also is to use electronic paper display products when the eye is not easy to get tired.

E-paper display-the best choice for eye protection

E-paper display, with its unique characteristics of bistable reflective technology, paper-like feeling, ultra-wide viewing Angle, thinness, and energy-saving, has become the best display screen for eye health protection. It has been widely used in many fields such as e-readers, electronic schoolbags, and other IoT products.


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