Embedded World 2020


At the start of the New Year,an outbreak caught off guard quickly spread around the world,disrupting travel plans and moods.While doubts remained,DKE relied on the support of the company’s overseas teams to attend the world’s largest Embedded world expo in nuremberg,Germany,on Feb.25

DKE E-paper Professional manufacturer

This exhibition,DKE exhibits include 1.49-13.3 inch e-paper display products and prism color e-paper products,and we,together with our partners,bring you e-paper application solutions in smart medical treatment,smart card,outdoor knowledge,smart bus,office and other scenarios

Intelligent Hospital Application

E-paper display screen has the characteristic of non-luminescence,which will not interfere with the rest of patients in the application of hospitals and care places.In medical institutions,information kanban,ward door plate,drug label and other applications that can be used for information exchange and message communication can improve the efficiency of workflow,reduce the risk of errors,and significantly reduce the workload of medical staff by digitizing information through electronic paper.

Smart Card Application

Segment code e-paper is used as the display area on the smart card to show the transaction information,one-time password,etc.,even if the card is moderately bent will not break,low power consumption,support the battery-free solution,just use a little power when NFC transmission is enough to update the picture.

E-paper Signage Application

Low power consumption electronic paper display,provides a printed paper-like vision,the brighter the environment is clearer,in direct sunlight has excellent visibility.Because electronic paper does not self-luminous characteristics,do not make the light straight to the eye,increased security,but also meet the requirements of some local regulations.

Smart Office Application

E-paper display screen looks very similar to real paper,there is no backlight and it provides a reading interface similar to paper,which can make the document be directly digitized in the office use scenario,eliminating the consumption and waste of paper.Conference tables,badges,door plates,visitor CARDS and other office applications will have qualitative changes after the use of electronic paper display screen.

Smart bus Application

E-paper display has the kind of paper,according to characteristic of high contrast,provides excellent readability,on the bus,railway,applications,such as traffic lights can clearly show the real-time flight information,temporary transfer notice,etc,and can update the wireless remote control and lower power consumption,electronic paper board can use solar energy to operate,reduce the hardware cost.

Prism E-paper Display Application

E-paper large size Applications

Such as the printed visual effect/anti-glare/high contrast/central control,remote update,to electronic paper display display advertising kanban,restaurant menu,can show other display technology incomparable cultural texture,elegant atmosphere.Use remote communication to update text and picture content,saving manpower deployment and printing costs.

As a leading enterprise in the field of electronic paper display,DKE has been adhering to the principle of product as the core,innovation as the driving force,and service as the purpose.In the future,DKE Oriental branch will continue to devote itself to the research,development and promotion of flexible and colorful electronic paper,and create cost-effective electronic paper display technology solutions in the Internet of things(IOT)industry,so as to provide more application services for customers in the global electronic paper application market.


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