The New”Wisdom”of E-paper Enterprise Office

The pandemic in 2020 has not only changed the way people live, but also cultivated diversity of work styles and brought thinking and discussion about working in a new era.
Reconsider the office needs in the new era

Restricted by traditional office conditions, we are busy with printing, saving and querying a large number of paper materials every day; wasting time and resources for updating and revising information repeatedly; and having stress due to the mistakes of information delivery in the use of conference rooms, etc. What kind of office style can adapt to the requirement of the new era? What are the transforming elements of “efficient labor” that enterprises have been pursuing?
E-paper empowers businesses to operate efficiently

With the combination of the Internet, IOT, and digital technology, using advanced E-paper technology into working office will decrease the paper and electronic consumption while saving a lot of resources cost, time cost and operation cost in the mean time, in addition to achieve new era “efficiency” labor requirement.
E-paper notebook

Handwriting function of E-paper notebook can note down information at any time, assist with intelligent document management function. Files are easy to find and won’t be lost. It supports remote transmission of shared files, improves work efficiency. The electronic paper screen has the same reading effect as paper, which does not have blue way damage to eyes and has a long battery life can last up to three weeks on a single charge.
E-paper smart badge

E-paper smart badge applies the characteristics of e-paper which is energy-saving, light, thin, and can continue to display clearly without power supply. With wireless transmission technology, the handheld terminal APP can update identity information and changes of enterprise personnel in real time with one button, thus reducing the waste of time and cost of repeated production and modification.
E-paper smart table board

The E-paper smart table board replaces the traditional paper conference table board, which supports remote management, can be recycled, batch import, quickly modify the information, reduce the manual error rate. The smart table board with the application of E-paper has ultra-low power consumption, and screen picture will not disappear unless turn it off. Also, it is not fragile and can be clearly visible under strong light and backlight.
E-paper interactive whiteboard

E-paper is applied to the interactive whiteboard, which has the same visual effect as printing. It supports remote wireless connection, real-time sharing and updating information, and improves the communication efficiency of enterprises. The bistable feature of e-paper allows e-ink images to be displayed on the display screen forever, which is power-saving and visualized.
E-paper plate for meeting room

The E-paper conference room door plate will consume power only when the page is updated and refreshed. It can check the status of the meeting room, meeting duration, meeting theme, and other information in real time. The application can reserve the meeting room, invite participants, and reply the message online to avoid the conflict of meeting arrangement, which saves time and improves work efficiency.

The working style of traditional office will eventually fade away under the demand of the new era. As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of IOT, DKE will continue to make efforts on the way of researching and developing of e-paper products and technologies to help enterprises save resources, cost. Welcome to the new are of efficient and intelligent office!

The terminus of contemporary Mencius’mother’s three moves can be an”electronic schoolbag”

  The most classic example of the impact of environmental change on educational success is the”Meng Mu moved three times”in China.
  When Mencius was a child,he lived by the cemetery and played funeral games with the children of his neighbors.Mencius’mother immediately moved with him to the market.When they moved to the market,Mencius learned to do business with the children in the neighborhood.When Mencius’mother knew about it,she once again took Mencius moved to the academy.This time,Mencius began to be orderly,polite,and fond of reading,and eventually became the”sub-saint”of China admired by later generations.

  The story of Mencius’mother moving three times tells us a profound truth:educational environment has a very profound influence on a person’s growth.With the rapid development of modern education information technology,the application of high quality and healthy electronic schoolbag teaching environment in school education has become more and more normal,and”electronic schoolbag”has really become the information assistant for children’s study and life.
  In the intelligent education environment of electronic schoolbag,the classroom is guided by information technology,the teaching quality and learning interaction efficiency are improved,and students’autonomous learning ability is improved.So what does a”digital e-paper bag”look like?

  As a product of the era of”paperless books”,the electronic schoolbag with an electronic ink screen is ultra-thin,can be written by hand,and can maintain a display even when power is cut off.The e-paper screen can restore the reading experience of paper books and support the original handwriting.Reflective technology allows children to read and study for a long time without strong light causing irritation to the eyes,which can protect eyesight.E-paper displays use very little power to change frames and are about 27 percent lighter than liquid-crystal displays of the same size.The unique features of eye protection,energy saving,light weight and paper sense enable students to study healthily anytime and anywhere.

  The electronic schoolbag consists of three parts:”learning terminal+resources+teaching system”,covering teaching activities before,during and after class.Students can open it anytime and anywhere to do homework,directly download and submit homework online,and teachers can break through the time and space limitations to review and tutoring remotely anytime and anywhere,truly realizing zero distance between home and school.Electronic schoolbag cannot realize entertainment application,can effectively control students’entertainment.No matter where they go,as long as they carry it,they can realize efficient learning.
  The core technology and product of DKE–e-paper display screen,is used in electronic schoolbag,e-paper notebook and other teaching auxiliary products,which strongly promotes the reform and development of intelligent education and learning.DKE’s e-paper is widely used,in addition to the field of smart education,it has many bright spots in many fields such as new retail,smart office,smart logistics,smart life and smart medical treatment.

Suitable for spring use e-paper products recommendation

  E-paper has been widely used in people’s daily life,and even become an indispensable part of some people’s lives.Imperceptibly changes people’s sports and travel habits,making life more convenient and efficient in this spring.
E-Ink Watch

  With warmer temperatures,jogging,swimming,mountaineering and hiking are becoming the first choice for young people.A smart sports watch with electronic ink technology can help people avoid common problems such as troublesome use of mobile phones,inconvenient charging when there is no electricity during outdoor sports,and difficulty in seeing recorded data under the direct sunlight.

  Compared to the average sports smartwatch on the market,the electronic paper display sports smartwatch has the unique advantage of sunlight visibility due to its reflective technology,whether in the sun or in the swimming pool,the data on the wrist is clearly visible at all angles.In those cases,traditional sports smartwatches and phones with their screens turned to maximum brightness or held by hand can’t be seen clearly.

  The sports watch is in a state of motion all the time,which is bound to affect the power and battery life.Because of the unique bistable technology of e-paper,the electronic ink sports smart watch has abnormal power saving performance.A 1.1-inch E-Ink Sport smartwatch lasts up to 20 hours with GPS on and up to seven days with all other functions turned off.
  In addition,the lightweight nature of e-paper screens also makes spring workouts lighter and less burdening.
E-paper baggage label

  Many friends choose to travel in the spring,travel peak season,wait in line to check luggage waste time to miss the plane?Luggage loss caused by missing barcode?Baggage delays can only be passively awaited by the airport baggage inquiry department?In case of any kind of problem,an electronic luggage tag can be avoided.

  Instead of arriving at the airport two hours in advance and queuing up to check in,e-paper luggage tags can be handled online as long as travelers use a mobile APP at home.It only takes a few seconds for the electronic ink screen of the luggage tag to display information such as bar code and flight number.Upon arrival at the airport,the luggage tag will be self-checked using the electronic luggage tag.

  When you check in with an electronic luggage tag,an electronic tag is generated through an electronic tag printer,which contains the passenger’s luggage ID information,such as weight,origin,destination,etc.Under the luggage tracking system,passengers can see the status and location of their luggage by scanning or entering their baggage tag number through their smart phones.
  The electronic baggage label is made of flexible e-paper,which is resistant to falling,breaking and not easy to fall off.It can greatly reduce the risk of luggage loss.

Arbor Day | Explore paperless application in the new world

On March 12, we ushered in the 43rd Chinese Arbor Day. Afforestation is an important way to improve the environment, But China is a big user of paper, and all industries are consuming a lot of paper, excessive paper leads to a large number of trees are cut down.

Rather than planting a tree, it is more important to save resources at the root of daily life, so “paperless” is becoming increasingly important.The implementation of “paperless” will greatly reduce the waste of paper, reduce tree felling from the source, improve the quality of the ecological environment.

Paperless, one is to remove paper, the other is to replace paper. The core technology and product of DKE, e-paper, is to make the ideal of paperless life into reality through the application of e-paper products to replace traditional paper in various fields.In recent years, China has vigorously advocated “energy conservation and environmental protection” and promoted the concept of environmental protection and low carbon, which is the inevitable result of digitization and intelligence in the era of Internet of Things.

The paperless office

Traditional office scenes will produce a large number of paper documents, and the commonly used table cards and work cards in enterprises must be reprinted every time when they are changed, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also time-consuming.Enterprise paperless office applications such as e-paper smart table cards, e-paper identification cards, e-paper office notebooks, all use electronic ink screen technology, which is almost the same as paper visually, with very low power consumption, and almost no power consumption when the screen does not change the content, which can replace the traditional paper recycling.

The new retail

The retail industry frequently changes the paper price tag during promotion, which wastes a lot of paper and also causes human operation errors. ESL provide retail industry with a solution that can be improved. Automatic price change management, reduce labor cost, paperless operation, save material cost, improve interaction, and improve customer experience.

The urban traffic

The application of e-paper in urban transportation fully reflects the development concept of low-carbon environmental protection and green energy saving, such as e-paper bus stop signs, smart meters, oil price signs, with low power consumption, no replacement of the picture no power consumption, and independent operation without connection to the municipal electricity.

The smart medical

With the construction of “Internet medical treatment + smart hospital” promoted, e-paper is gradually replacing the use of traditional paper. Such as electronic paper notebooks, bedside cards, outpatient information cards, greatly reduce the waste of paper and the burden of hospital manpower and reduce the error rate. The reflective and ultra-low consumption features of e-paper allow patients to rest without the interference of light pollution from conventional electronic screens, and also improve the quality of care and patient satisfaction.

The wisdom logistics

The prosperity of the logistics industry has increased the consumption of paper express orders. China’s express industry consumes more than 9 million tons of paper waste every year, which has a great impact on the environment.The e-paper logistics label is an ideal choice for realizing the development of green logistics by adding a tracking device using electronic paper display screen into the package to accurately grasp the logistics information. At the same time, due to its bistable characteristics, it can continuously display the logistics information without consuming power. The power consumption is extremely low, and the power can be used for several weeks when the power is full.

DKE has been focusing on the diversified application and innovation of new electronic paper display technology in the field of Internet of Things. In the future, we will continue to develop and develop new e-paper technology and new products, to provide paperless green energy saving and environmental protection solutions for all walks of life and fields, and to protect the environment and save resources in more intelligent ways, so as to make contributions to the construction of a better environment.

What is electronic paper,read this article enough !

  With the development of time,the technical advantages of electronic paper have been recognized continuously,and more and more applications have been involved.But It may be difficult for some new users to understand at once.We list some questions that everyone is most concerned about to help you understand e-paper quickly.

  Q1:What is e-paper?
  Electronic paper is the electronic ink coating on a layer of plastic film,can be pasted on the thin film transistor(TFT/PET/FPC material)circuit,through the drive IC control,forming pixel graphics.
  Q2:What is the display principle of electronic paper?
  E-paper displays are based on e-ink technology,which uses tiny”microcapsules”on the surface of the screen to encapsulate negatively charged black particles and positively charged white particles.By changing the electric charge,the different colored particles are arranged in order to create a black-and-white visual effect.

  Q3:Will the response time of the e-paper display be slow?
  The response speed of electronic paper is about 50-100 milliseconds,which is suitable enough for everyday still pictures with slow switching frequency.Compared with traditional display screens,electronic paper has many advantages such as paper-like feeling,clearly visible in the sunlight,ultra-low power consumption and so on.
  Q4:Why can the electronic paper display be super long standby?
  In the absence of power supply,the screen image will not disappear and still display continuously.The electronic paper display screen uses bistable technology,power is consumed only when changing pictures,and does not consume power when the picture is still.Compared with other display products,the electronic paper display screen has excellent power saving performance.

  Q5:Can the electronic paper display be read properly under sunlight?
  The electronic paper display does not need backlight at all.The ambient light source is used to hit the electronic paper display screen and then refract the light to the eyes of us,which is the same as the visual principle of traditional paper or objects in life.Therefore,the brighter the ambient light source,the more clearly the electronic paper will be visible,And it has a wide viewing Angle of 170°.
  Q6:Why do electronic paper screens protect your eyes?
  Electronic paper displays can reflect ambient light,while other technology displays use strong backlights adjusted by liquid crystals.These light sources directly into the eyes can easily lead to dry eyes and visual fatigue,and blue light can cause eye lesions and other problems.Electronic paper display without backlight module can ensure eye health.

  Q7:Can the electronic paper display is not damaged after bending?
  The electronic paper display,which is as light as paper and can be rolled and folded at will,it is also very portable because it is made of flexible substrate material.Not only free bending to change the shape,also get rid of the traditional display shape constraint,stronger,not easy to break,greatly reduce the probability of damage to the end product.
  Q8:How thin and light is e-paper?
  Electronic paper has a clear advantage in terms of thickness and weight,due to its simple structure and the fact that the material is based on a soft plastic film,which is as light as a featherweight.For example,a flexible e-paper display module with a 13.3-inch plastic substrate weighs about the same as 15 sheets of A4 and is about the same thickness as seven sheets of A4.

  Q9:What are the common e-paper applications in daily life?
  Due to the unique advantages of electronic paper,it has been applied in every field of life.For example,some bus stop signs in Shanghai have been installed with electronic paper screens to display bus routes dynamically in real time,and rely on solar energy for charging.Electronic paper shelf label replaces the traditional paper price tag,can change the price information,reduce the use of paper more environmentally friendly;Electronic paper can be seen in many applications,such as electronic paper conference board,electronic paper badge label and smart wearable.
  The development and application of electronic paper technology will bring about a revolution in the field of intelligent living,so it is necessary to have a certain understanding of it in advance.After reading this article,I believe you have a more comprehensive understanding of electronic paper technology!

Technology: Electrophoretic Paper Technology

 E-paper — the optical component of a film used in Electronic Paper Displays (EPD). Although futuristic-sounding, electronic ink is actually a straightforward fusion of chemistry, physics and electronics. It’s so much like paper, it utilizes the same pigments used in the printing industry today.
What is a Bistable Display?
        E Ink’s technology is commonly referred to as “bistable”. What does this mean? Bistable means that the image on an E Ink screen will be retained even when all power sources are removed. In practice, this means that the display is consuming power only when something is changing. For example, when reading on an eReader, power is only needed when turning to a new page but no power is consumed by the display while reading the page. This is most noticeable when an eReader goes into sleep mode yet there is still an image being displayed. By contrast, with a traditional LCD, the display is needs to be refreshed around 30X per second, regardless of the whether anything new is being displayed. Bistability significantly reduces the power consumption of displays using E Ink and is a key reason eReaders have such long battery life.
 Reflective Displays
        E Ink displays are also referred to as “reflective displays.” In an LCD, or “emissive display”, light from a backlight is projected through the display towards your eyes. In an E Ink display, no backlight is used; rather, ambient light from the environment is reflected from the surface of the display back to your eyes. As with any reflective surface, the more ambient light, the brighter the display looks. This attribute mimics traditional ink and paper, and users of E Ink displays have said that they do not have the same eye fatigue as with LCDs when reading for long periods of time. The backlight can also consume up to 40% of the power used in electronic product. Therefore, eliminating the need for a backlight significantly increases the battery life versus using a traditional LCD.
Two Pigment Ink System
        Electronic ink is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules, about the diameter of a human hair. Each microcapsule contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a positive or negative electric field is applied, corresponding particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they become visible to the viewer. This makes the surface appear white or black at that spot. 

Three Pigment Ink System
        Spectra is our 3-pigment ink offering, engineered specifically for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). It works similarly to dual pigment system, in that we apply a charge to our pigments, and to a top and bottom electrode to facilitate movement. However, Spectra is utilizing a microcup ink structure.

Spectra for ESL
        By using electronic shelf labels (ESL) with E Ink’s technology, retailers have the ability to change pricing strategies as needed in real time, allowing them to stay one step ahead of competitors while attracting consumers based on changing market conditions. Spectra allows retailers to elevate the impact of their ESLs, by adding color to logos and quickly directing consumers’ attention to important information, such as product sales and promotions.


DKE-Three color 

EPD with high contrast and uniformity,single pixel characters can be seen clearly,it can be used in barcode tags,price labels,and other special signs.This is a real application in Korea supermarket: 

We are pleasure to inform you a good news from customer

Our Three-color EPD were used in a new supermarket

The photos as below

DKE-Three color EPD Shelf Label

Better user experience

DKE-2.13inch three color EPD

Display performance

Cold Storage Area

Three color EPD in Cold Storage Area

Low temperature around 7℃

Display performance in Low temperature

DKE-Three color EPD
Standard size in mass production-1.54”,2.13”,2.9”

Pervasive Displays Launch New DIY Kit w\ E-paper Screens

If you’ve been wanting to build your own wearable with an E-paper screen then I have some good news for you. A company in the United States and Pervasive Displays have just released a new development kit which combines 3 small E-ink screens with a controller board,
What with the decline of the ebook reader market over the past couple years, E-ink has been putting more and more effort into developing new markets for their screen tech. There are now at least a half-dozen   different kits for the DIY market which include an E-ink screen, and E-ink has also released encouraged new products in a wide variety of markets including shelf labels, smartphone cases, luggage tags, smart watches, and more.
         And now there’s a new one.
        The EPD Xplained Pro kit includes 1.54″, 2.13″, and 2.9″ E-ink screens from Pervasive Displays along with an extension board which is designed to work with the Atmel Studio IDE. This particular kit can’t do anything on its own, but from what I have read online and in the user manual I can tell that this kit is designed to work with other Atmel Xplained Pro development boards like the SAM4L Xplained Pro and the SAM D20 Xplained Pro.

About E-paper display (EPD) Technology

     Electrophoretic or electronic ink is the optical component of a film used in Electronic Paper Displays (EPD). Although it sounds, electronic ink is actually a really straightforward combination of chemistry, physics and electronics. It mimics the appearance of ordinary ink on paper.
       Electronic ink is made up of millions of tiny microcapsules. Each microcapsule has about the diameter of a human hair. Each microcapsule contains positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles suspended in a clear fluid. When a positive or negative electric field is applied, corresponding particles move to the top of the microcapsule where they become visible to the viewer. This makes the surface appear white or black at that spot.
       3 color e-paper displays are originally engineered specifically for Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL). It works similarly to dual pigment system. From development, a charge is bought into pigments, and to a top and bottom electrode to facilitate movement. However, 3 color EPD is based on a micro-cup ink structure.

       DKE EPD:
       DKE are now providing monochromatic EPD as well as 3 color (Black, White and Red) EPD for clients. Besides providing a range of standard dot matrix EPDs, DKE also provides customization services, mostly on Segmented EPD.