On January 11th, Jiang Haiyang, member of the Standing Committee of Jiaxing Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of Jiashan County Party Committee, and his delegation visited Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co., Ltd. to carry out the activity of “Helping enterprises get off to a good start” and had face-to-face communication with Zhou Aijun, General manager of Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co., Ltd. and Wen Shifeng, deputy general manager of zhejiang Fushen Technology Co., LTD.

In symposium, zhejiang fu shen technology co., LTD., general manager of ai-jun zhou to the visiting leaders introduced the rich “the development of science and technology, electronic paper series of products, innovative research and development, the new article 14 production line construction schedule, the future development vision, etc., and report on the construction of DKE branch vein headquarters base — zhejiang east rich chung electronic technology co., LTD., the project schedule, At the same time, it reflects the hope that with the support and cooperation of relevant functional departments, the approval process can be accelerated to achieve the target demand of “completion and operation” of The Fuyong Project in 2022.

Secretary Jiang Haiyang listened to the explanation carefully, fully affirmed the excellent achievements and positive actions of Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co., Ltd. in the development, encouraged enterprises to give full play to their advantages, and said that government departments can take the lead in using electronic paper conference tables and other electronic paper products to promote the promotion of electronic paper products. As for the specific problems reported by General Manager Zhou Aijun, Party Secretary Jiang Haiyang expressed his full support, and vigorously coordinated with relevant functional departments of Xitang Town to optimize the approval process, so as to help fuyong Project to be successfully completed and put into operation, and achieve the annual output target of 100 million pieces of intelligent Internet of Things electronic paper.

After the meeting, Secretary Jiang Haiyang said that electronic paper products, as innovative products of local enterprises, have advantages of environmental protection, low carbon and eye protection, which are consistent with the concept of “ecological green” advocated by the integration demonstration zone. It is hoped that Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co., Ltd. will apply more new technologies and products of electronic paper to the construction of integrated demonstration area in the future, show jiashan high-end technology strength, and become a “new name card” of jiashan County development.


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