On March 10,2022,the first batch of fully automated electronic paper production line equipment of Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,LTD was moved into the site.Wen Shifeng,vice president of Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,Ltd.and representatives of project staff,equipment manufacturers and participating units attended the ceremony to witness this exciting moment.

  At the ceremony,Wen Shifeng,vice President of Zhejiang Fushen Technology Co.,LTD.,on behalf of all members of the project team,extended warm welcome to the guests,sincere greetings to all the frontline staff,and heartfelt thanks to the government and partners for their strong support to the project.After reviewing the construction process of the project,he said,”The entry of the first batch of equipment is an important step in the construction of the fully automated e-paper production line project of Fushen Technology,which marks the successful completion of a crucial node goal of the project.”

  For debugging still faces in the process,product production challenges such as light,climbing a hill,with confidence,”said Wen Shifeng team members keep rigorous and efficient work attitude,establish good relationship with suppliers also to lay a solid foundation for the following,we want to work with vendors and jiaxing comprehensive bonded together,complete the sprint work of project construction,To provide the best products and services for e-paper users worldwide.”

  Under the witness of the on-site leaders and all the staff,the project equipment entered the site one after another,and the staff placed the equipment in the designated area in an orderly manner to carry out the work of unpacking,handling and installation of the equipment.Next,fushen Technology fully automated electronic paper production line project will complete the entry task of each equipment one after another,to ensure smooth production within the project schedule.

  Zhejiang rich”science and technology co.,LTD.,a wholly owned subsidiary as DKE east branch vein,currently has nine international leading level of automated production lines,electronic paper as in article 8 of fully automated production line equipment electronic paper smooth approach built,will further enhance market position in the field of electronic paper,become the new heights for electronic paper industry manufacturing,tightly grasp the opportunity,not mission,We will continue to deepen strategic cooperation with upstream and downstream enterprises,continue to explore new markets for e-paper applications,and jointly promote the booming development of e-paper industry.


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