The People’s Bank of China(PBOC)has issued a notice on Strengthening the Management of Payment Acceptance Terminals and Related Businesses(Yinfa(2021)No.259),which sets corresponding management requirements for bank card receipt and barcode payment terminals,and will take effect on March 1,2022.

Bar code to pay the most stringent regulatory attack

  This official document is more about some supplements to bar code payment terminal management:

  1.Limit personal payment code for remote payment;

  2.Personal payment code shall not be used for business payment collection;

  3.A classification management system shall be developed for barcode collection to distinguish individuals and specially engaged merchants,and those with business activities shall be included in the scope of specially engaged merchants.

  Scanning code payment is the norm in daily consumption.In the future,enterprises or individuals will not be able to use personal wechat,Alipay and other payment codes in the operation of payment collection activities.If you need to use personal payment code for special reasonable operation,you need to apply for a white list to the bar code payment service agency first,and will be limited to the period of validity,use times and transaction volume of the bar code.

  The implementation of the new rules strengthens the payment supervision to a certain extent.Meanwhile,the changes in the supervision of personal payment code also usher in a more important opportunity for the development of digital RMB.

The digital RMB scene opens further

  The trend of history will not be reversed,bar code payment restrictions do not mean a return to the era of cash collection.

  The development of China’s digital yuan is gaining policy support.As of October 22,2021,China had opened 140 million digital YUAN wallets and 10 million enterprise wallets,with 150 million transactions and a turnover of nearly 62 billion yuan,according to data from the Central Bank.After the Beijing Winter Olympics,the trial of the digital RMB was extended to more areas of the country.

  In the future,we can directly use digital RMB wallet for transportation,shopping,medical education,life payment,dining,culture and travel,etc.,and pay by fingerprint recognition or password.We are not affected by poor mobile phone signal,and do not pay directly through third-party payment platforms.There is no need to pay for the withdrawal of digital RMB,which is equivalent to the digital paper money and does not have the trouble of receiving counterfeit money.

Application of e-paper display technology

  What puzzles the public is what exactly is a digital yuan wallet?What’s the difference between it and a traditional bank card?

  The appearance and operation of the digital RMB wallet are the same as ordinary bank cards.It integrates the IC security chip and e-paper display,supports NFC communication,and the consumption amount,card balance,consumption record details,offline times and other information can be clearly displayed through the e-paper display on the card,without the need of network or mobile phone.

  Digital RMB wallet adopts electronic paper display screen as the display interface,which has the characteristics of ultra-low power consumption of electronic paper,and can continuously display the information in the card after power failure.Moreover,it has an ultra-wide Angle of view of 180 degrees,and the picture is still clearly visible in the environment of direct light,so it will not affect users’use.

  The electronic paper display adopts plastic substrate instead of traditional glass,which is as thick as ordinary paper.After being embedded in the digital RMB wallet,it is light,soft,strong and durable,making it very portable to travel.

  Looking into the future,as a”better cash”,digital RMB will be recognized by the market and users because of its advanced technology and information security as a new generation of payment tools.As a new electronic paper display technology manufacturing service provider in the field of Internet of Things,DKE Will continue to make efforts in electronic paper products and technologies,and contribute to the future development of digital RMB wallet.


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