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E-Paper Display
Description:Graphical DEPG-0143
DEPG0143A01 is an Active Matrix Electrophoretic Display(AM EPD) module based on active matrix TFT and plastic substrate. The plastic substrate is protected by an outer covering, which is a part of the display. It has 1.43” active area with 128 x 296 pixels, the display is capable to display images at 2 gray levels (1 bits) depending on the display controller and the associated waveform file it used.


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Color E-paper Display
Outline(mm): 18.3(H)×42.7(V)×0.607(D)
Active Area(mm): 14.46(H)×33.45
Resolution(pixel): 128(H)×296(V)
Pixel Pitch(mm): 0.113×0.113
I/O Pin:  21PIN Module Weight(g):  0.87±0.1
Product Specification:
Color E-paper Display supply
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Model Name DEPG0213
Material Film Aurora Mb (V231)
Driver IC G2
Product Specification
DEPG0213C Panel DEPG0213 Panel 753KB
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