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        Squink Desktop Electronic Circuit Board Printer Unveiled By BotFactory
         Makers and developers that would like an easy way to create their custom-made electronic circuit boards for testing and prototyping purposes, might be interested in a new desktop circuit board printer called Squink that has been created by the BotFactory.

       The Squink circuit board printer allows users to create circuit boards in minutes rather than hours, for the cost of a cup of coffee. By printing the conductive ink and assembling your circuitry, watch the video after the jump to see the innovative desktop circuit board printer in action.
       “Unlike hardware, software development is fast and easy. With only a computer, you can imagine, develop, and test any ideas you have. We want to bring the same agile concept to electronics.
       This is why we built Squink, the personal factory for electronic circuits. It sits on your desk, and prints and assembles your circuits in a matter of minutes on flexible or rigid substrates. Home fabrication of electronic circuits has never been that easy.
       Squink is another way to look at circuit prototyping. Unleash your creativity, test your ideas on the spot, improve them quickly, and use a range of materials to make your circuits, all while an intuitive software walks you through the different steps.”
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