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        World’s thinnest e-paper from DKE?
         You might only think of DKE as the company, but apparently they have a lot more on the go than that. DKE has development the world’s thinnest e-paper display. Not much thicker than a piece of paper, it also resembles paper in that it is completely bendable. It employs a special ribbed structure to avoid distorting the images or text when it is folded or moved. For now it’s just a two-color display, but you have to imagine that that will change at some point in time.
       E-paper has long been touted as the ultimate solution for many of problems. It will allegedly work well in billboards, to make highly effective name tags, and for e-books among other things. The problem to this point has been to create a solution that is portable, durable and affordable. No word yet on the affordability of this solution, but Bridgestone looks to have achieved the other two goals.
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